Super Corridor Indore Is The Contemporary Picture Of The Smart City

Posted on 26 Nov 2020

The city of Indore is expecting a lot out of the Super Corridor. Out of the many prospected plans, the majority are already in their later stages of development. With direct connectivity from the airport, wide road space, organized development strategies, as well as proximity to the IT Park, the Super Corridor, is expanding at a swift rate. As a fragment of new Indore, the whole of Super Corridor Indore   is being implemented on the basis of smart city development concept by the very firm that has developed the city plans in Dubai and Sharjah.

TCS and Infosys Indore has already commenced their operations in their Super Corridor campuses, which has substantially resulted in the growth of IT professionals as well as an executive residency in the area. TCS indore is said to have recruited a staff of about 5000 professionals from across the country and would gradually stimulate the working as well as residential environment amidst the corridor. If we go by the numbers, 31 different townships are formulating in the area, 22 out of which are in their final stages. Hostels and rental facilities for short-term recruits have also been planned by the real estate, which also declares that property in Indore is developing at the same growth pace that cities like Bangalore and Pune experienced 10-15 years back.

New Era of Development is Super Corridor:

The profitable factor is that Indore would start yielding comparable returns within 5 years as stated by the investors who have witnessed a 30% growth within a span of three years itself. This growth is by far a great achievement when we take the relaxation in real estate sector across the country. IT professionals from MP who are currently located elsewhere are majorly interested in buying properties at the corridor due to its advanced planning structure that even included metro facilities.

If we go through the Super Corridor development chronologically, there’s an IT hub, a medical hub, a cargo hub and a financial hub are all set to be a part of the mega project. IT hub has already allocated Infosys and TCS, wherein the Education Hub will be constituted with brands like Narsee Monjhi and Symbiosis. The procedures for a medical university are at the very finalizing stages. The Financial Hub will also be populated soon with the major banking centers from the country.

21st century's Indore:

Super Corridor includes a set of five village areas that primarily include Bangadhda, Bada Bangadhda, Bhanwaraasla and Tigariya, under the Baadarsha zone, and the last one under the Palakhedi panchayat zone. IDA has stimulated the road construction in a fully fledged manner, while also focusing on the proper lighting as well as beautification of parks at the Bangadhda and TCS rotaries. Properties at the corridor are being sold at a rate of 1300-2500 per sq. ft. With this, Super corridor also becomes the state’s first arcade to hold a 12 lane road that includes an eight lane main road, circumscribed by two service lanes on either side.

The infrastructure of the New Era:

Super Corridor projects are being developed keeping in mind the necessities of present times, including plots, duplex, bungalows, flats etc. Fire safety measures, medical facilities, clubhouses, water harvesting as well as energy savers like modular kitchen gardening, open space kitchen sizes, power backed-up lifts have also been added to the very development of the corridor. Resedential property in indore  are being bought at a swift rate, thus resulting in the inclusion of swimming pools, gardens, playgrounds and gym facilities. The transportation system, road developments, proper drainage lines, service water recharging, rainwater harvesting and more such concepts are making the super corridor idea a much awaited and dedicated development in the country.

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