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The Construction of the Road Connecting Super Corridor Indore to Pithampur will be Completed in May

Posted on 22 Nov 2019

The moment when Super corridor project of residential property has entered to Indore, the city has been progressing round the clock. The Super corridor Indore project has initiated the constructions of 2,3,4 BHK Flats in Indore. The progress is being done in Real estate property. In this series, the construction of the road connecting the Super corridor Indore to Pithampur is being started which is supposed to be completed in the upcoming May.

What is in the plan?

  • * This road connecting flats in Indore to Pithampur would be around 2 km long and would comprise of wide 8 lanes altogether to make the path accessible and convenient for the civilians.

  • * With this, the airport management would be authorized to access 20.84 acres of land to broaden the airport terminal.

Considerably, the cabinet has already permitted the airport management on 1st October 2018 to access the front space of the airport terminal for its expansion and progress. But, it had ballgamed the airport management not to start the expansion of the airport terminal prior to the accomplishment of the road between Super corridor and Pithampur as an alternative to the Bijasan road connecting Pithampur.

It is because, if the airport management would acquire the land in the front of the airport terminal, it would cause inconvenience to the mob as there would be no other path to go to Pithampur from Bijasan Temple road. Therefore, Loksabha speaker Sumitra Mahajan had ordered to find the alternative path before expanding the airport terminal. She had granted permission for making the road from the other side of the Bijasan hills to connect Super corridor to Pithampur.

After the construction of the road, the airport expansion project would start. The airport management is ordered to start expansion only after the road work gets completed. The management would start the boundary making and other expansion work of the airport terminal on the acquired land. The airport management has a proposal for making multilevel parking, hotel, restaurant, food zone, shopping zone, new AC tower and Fire station in the airport terminal itself. All would start only after the completion of road between the Super corridor Indore and Pithampur.

IDA had been authorized to proceed further and to be continued IDA had issued tenders for appointing the consultants for the project. Later on, Mehta Associates had been appointed for the project. Purushottam Kumar, the IDA CEO said that project has been ready and work has been started to get it completed so that the road could be used for traffic and traveling by the end of the May.


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