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Pride Moment- Indore has Retained the Title of Being the Cleanest City in India

Posted on 07 Jan 2022

Congratulations! For the second time, Indore is awarded as the Cleanest City in India, giving a pride moment to Madhya Pradesh state again. To add feathers to the hat of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal has been selected on the second position in the list of cleanest cities in India.

Indore is a two-tier city but is at the urge of being smart and metro city, holding ninth position in the list of the fastest growing cities in terms of GDP. The progress of Madhya Pradesh state strongly depends on Indore as it pitches in State’s GDP and with 35% of contribution to GDP, Indore is being called as mini Bombay.

The moment when Indore had been selected as the cleanest city in India, the municipal corporation was bombarded with the credits, but the former commissioner, Manish Singh had transformed all the credits to the local people saying that we have all got this because of the Indore mob who have been endowing their urban mindset and contributing to the cleaning system of Indore.

Manish Singh had taken various initiatives for the development of Indore. Indore city was the first city where BRTS system has launched in 2007 even before Ahmedabad (in 2009). The management people say that Indore and Indorians are always ready to accept new changes that are for the betterment of Indore.

Looking at the year 2014, Indore was holding the 149th position in the cleanest cities list but year by year it has been upgrading and reached the 25th rank in 2015 and since the consecutive years 2017 and 2018 it has been winning the first prize for being cleanest in India, making Mysore down in the list.

How is Indore following the cleanliness principle?

  1. There are around 35 lakh people living in Indore, out of which 3-6 lakhs are free-moving. The total Indore is divided into 19 municipal zones of 275 km each generating 800 tons and even more garbage and waste daily.

  2. With the starting of the cleanliness campaigns, the municipal corporation has mandated the people about not spitting on the road or in open and not to throw any type of garbage openly rather only in the dustbins and into the door-to-door vehicles of the municipal corporation.

  3. The door-to-door garbage collecting vehicles have changed the condition of Indore and took it at the top position in the cleanliness campaigns.

  4. With more than 13000 employees divided into six labour unions for maintaining the cleanliness in the city.

  5. Another step in the cleanliness campaign is to make the public toilets at various places in the city that has contributed to maintaining hygiene in the city.  Also, it has been mandated by the govt. To make the individual toilets in the houses and Indore city has strictly followed it.

  6. Placing the dustbins separately for dry and wet garbages based on biodegradable segmentation is another step taken to make Indore city clean.

  7. People, in fact, children have started a Roko-Toko movement where they start beating metal boxes when they see others defecating openly.

  8. Various campaigns, paintings on the wall, murals to aware the people about the cleanliness and hygiene have driven and being driven in the Indore.

The best thing is that all the people of Indore are following every mandate to make their city clean following the line “Indore rahega number 1”( Indore will be at top position)

Why is Indore at the top of the growing cities?

Indore has been reaping the benefits of various factors that are making it progress like the fastest moving city.

Let's know all the factors:

  1. 1. The fertile soil of Malwa for flourishing the farming culture.
  2. 2. Closeness to Narmada river thus solving the water supply problems.

  3. 3. Concurrency from all sides

  4. 4. An Urban legacy

  5. 5. Business environment

  6. 6. Automobile Industries & textile development

  7. 7. An IT hub opening the doors of technology

  8. 8. Pharmaceutical and Educational industries with IIM and IIT universities.

  9. 9. Rich Outlook

  10. 10. And, above all the acceptance for the welfare

All the above factors are attracting the businessmen and investors to come to the cleanest city in India. The super corridor project in Indore is the proof for the Indore that represents every step of progress being done in Indore. The IT companies like Infosys and TCS have come to Indore and looking forward to developing Indore as the giant software city also.  

The super corridor in Indore is being a magnet with the various residential property, plots and commercial projects thus attracting the investors not only within the local boundary but also investors from all over India and even from abroad. The Indore city in central India is stepping with every best foot forward on the path of progress and the day is not away when it would prove itself as the developed city in India rather being called as developing the city as it is now.






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