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Farmers Gave up Their Land for Super Corridor Projects

Posted on 18 Oct 2022

The Indore development authority approached the farmers to give their farmlands that come under the schemes of super corridor Indore. It managed to persuade 13 farmers to give up their lands for the project.

The farmers were invited to a camp organized on the super corridor and were asked to give up their farmlands for the super corridor project. In return for their lands, they were offered plots that will be developed in the super corridor.

During this camp, 13 farmers agreed to give up 17 hectares of land. As per the agreement done with the farmers, they will get 20%, 29.5%, and 31.85% of developed plots under schemes 151, 169B, and 166 respectively in return for the land that was acquired from them.

Apart from this, the private lands which also come under the three schemes and have been marked are being taken from the owners of the land on an agreement basis. But, there are still some farmers who have yet to provide their lands. IDA will approach them on a weekly basis and ask them to allot their lands for the project in return for the developed plots on the super corridor. If these farmers are convinced to give up their land, this will take IDA one step forward in completing their schemes of making Indore a new IT hub surpassing Bangalore and Hyderabad.

As of now, IDA has completed 98%, 85%, and 92% of scheme 151, scheme 169B, and scheme 166 respectively. Super corridor Indore is a prime locality with a number of flats for rent and apartments, recreational amenities, a data center, start-up parks, etc, which has turned Indore into the new IT hub.

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